Lisa Syverson

In 1984 I received a B.F.A. from The Maryland Institute College of Art which was the foundation for my development as a creative professional, photographer, and artist. My education fostered my innate artistic abilities, and challenged me to explore and expand my own personal style and vision. While attending MICA, I traveled to Turkey and discovered the beginnings of a lifelong passion for learning about other cultures, people, and indigenous art. Traveling extensively throughout the US and abroad has given me invaluable insights and experiences that have influenced my professional, creative, and personal development.

My creativity was nurtured from a very young age as I was exposed to many forms of art through my parents, and was taught how to see the world from a different perspective. I discovered how to be fully, and creatively self-expressed through my exploration of art and photography, as well as sketching and writing stories in my journals. My dad taught me how to use his antiquated Praktica (which I still have in my possession), and from then on I was enamored with capturing my every experience through the lens!

For me the camera is just a tool, and my photography the creative result. An image reflects my personal vision, sense of intrigue and discovery, and the ability to capture the unpredictable. Reality is transformed by a momentary expression or action, a change in perspective or light, and all of the decisions that affect the image to make it distinctive and effective. Whatever the subject matter, I love to tell a story in a single image that conveys an experience more than any word could ever describe!

My lifelong dream has been to enhance and touch the lives of people around the world through my creativity and imaginative works of photography and art. My desire is to teach people how to see, not just observe our lives that we may take for granted, and fully embrace the essence of our experience, and environments. Over the past couple of years I have begun to focus my artistic intention on art and healing. I am exploring how my photography and art, light and color, as well as the creative process, can enhance the health and well being of all who come to experience my work. I have a particular affinity with children and young adults, and enjoy teaching and nurturing their creativity through workshops and classes. I look forward to developing new projects and commissions which will allow me to express these new directions.

I have exhibited throughout the United States and China, and have work in numerous private collections. I have received several prestigious awards including the American Advertising Award, Forbes Magazine, the NYC Society of Illustrators, and a CAAP Grant from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.

If you are interested contacting me about my work or purchasing my photography, I can be contacted at My fine art and illustration work can be viewed at I welcome commissions for site-specific projects (both private and commercial).

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